Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnels Part 2 – My Current Setup


This is part 2 of a three-part article. If you haven’t read part one, you may click here: Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnels Part 1 – Introduction where I give a very basic explanation of what a DFY sales funnel is and how it works.

As I mentioned in the last article, I have a few different Done For You (DFY) affiliate marketing sales funnels.

As a matter of fact, I have three that I’m actively promoting, though one of them has two different points of entry, so I effectively have four which means four lists, though I’ve only promoted one of the points of entry, so I personally only have three lists with subscribers.

Some downsides

Here’s the biggest downside if you have more than one:

Big, yet small, lists.

What does that mean exactly?

If I look at my total number of subscribers, I have a lot. However, they are also divided up amongst three different funnels, so I have three small(er) lists.

So, as a fictional example, if I had 900 total subscribers, I would have three lists of 300 subscribers each.

And that blows in the sense that this is somewhat of a numbers game. Only a certain percentage will open your email, a smaller percentage of that will click on the link inside the email, and an even smaller percentage buys anything.

It’s in your best interest to have a large list.

There are good reasons to have more than one list, such as having different lists for different niches (interests). For example, one list might be for affiliate marketing and another list might be for golfing enthusiasts or gardeners or whatever.

But having more than one list in the same interest, like affiliate marketing, can be counterproductive. This is different than segmenting your list into divisions like buyers and prospects because they are still on the same list.

Why would anyone have more than one funnel?

You might have really liked the very first one you came across, bought it, set it up, drove traffic, and then found another funnel that you liked better. Or maybe you couldn’t afford the first funnel, so you bought it after you had the second, more affordable funnel.

Or maybe you really liked both funnels. There are several reasons you could end up with more than one.

In Part 3, I’ll talk about my hands-on experience with a few of them.