Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnels Part 1 – Introduction


Have you ever seen Done-For-You (DFY) affiliate marketing funnels?

I have a few myself.

Often called sales funnels, these DFYs are (usually) a combination of sales funnels and email funnels. Though to be fair, I might be the only one calling the email funnels a funnel.

Done For You Sales Funnels work like this:

You get sales pages that either already have your affiliate links embedded in them or they show you how to (relatively) easily add your affiliate links to them and they also usually have pre-written emails.

Sometimes they come with a bunch of pre-written emails that you can send out (the first few usually are promoting the initial product, but not always), and sometimes there are just a few emails to get you started.

You drive traffic to the capture page, (or squeeze page or landing page), then the prospect (the person who’s seeing your capture page) opts in and is taken to a sales page.

It can be a tad more complicated

Now here’s where it can become very complex but if they say yes to the product, they will be offered an upsell (a more expensive product) that (usually) works well with the original product.

If they say no, however, they sometimes are taken to a down-sell (usually the same product for a discount but occasionally a less expensive product).

And then the cycle repeats until the funnel runs out of offers (the entire sales funnel happens from when they opt-in until they leave the funnel, they’re shown webpage after webpage until they’ve reached the end or go somewhere else).

Depending on the funnel, it can have several different products, each with its own upsell/downsell options. Sometimes it’s just one or two products, sometimes a lot.

You can make a lot of money this way upfront, but the main thing is that you get them on your email list.

After that

Once they are out of the sales funnel, they start getting emails from you.

The pre-written affiliate emails either already have your affiliate links embedded in them or they have shown you how to easily (relatively) add your affiliate links to them. Which you should have done before you started driving traffic.

Anyway, that’s basically how it works. Some are better than others and some are more helpful to you in setting it up than others.

In Part 2, I’ll talk about my current setup.