Big big changes


Some big changes are happening, well, big for me, you may not notice. Most of them will be behind the scenes type stuff.

But first, some of you have been with me for a while now and others are new.

For those of you who joined through the Fullstaq webinar but weren’t receiving my emails, I apologize. There was a break in the system that has been fixed.

Back to the changes:

As an affiliate marketer, the products I recommend I have either personally used or have been recommended to me by people I trust.

But what I’m going to do, is stop promoting learning affiliate marketing programs and only promote the tools that an affiliate marketer can use.

Why? Because once you’ve learned how to do affiliate marketing, you need to stop buying “learn affiliate marketing” programs and start doing what you’ve learned.

You can be an affiliate marketer for so many things, affiliate marketing business opportunities shouldn’t be on your list.

If you have questions, ask me. I want you to succeed and it’s what I’m here for.

The only exception is that for the time being, until I finish making my own course, I’ll continue to promote Fullstaq.

The reason is simple, of the many perfectly good affiliate marketing trainings available, with Fullstaq’s live Business Launch Challenge, they help you get set up with the tools you need and get you some leads.

Eventually, I’ll have my own course, but until then, Fullstaq is perfectly fine.

My list has grown a ton, we’ll see how my autoresponder does.