How to tell when emails are mine


I make no secret of the fact that I have pre-written emails.

Some of them I’ve re-written (sorta), some I haven’t yet (honestly, a low priority for me), and other emails are 100% written by me (like this blog post is, which is also sent to my subscribers as an email).

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I am promoting any product or service other than my own, I’ve either used it or I trust the person who recommended it.

What’s a pre-written email?

When you become an affiliate of a product or service, or purchase PLR (Private Label Rights) they often come with emails that are already written for you.

Those are pre-written emails.

THIS IS DIFFERENT than taking someone else’s emails (without their permission) and using them as your own.

Never use someone else’s emails without their permission.

With affiliate products and services, the pre-written emails are there for you to use.

So what do you do with these permission-given pre-written emails?

You can do one of two things with them.

You can use them as is or you can re-write them.

You should never use them as-is.

Why not?

Because everyone and their brother will use them as is and not only will it be obvious to anyone who’s on more than one email list that you’re just using someone else’s stuff, but your email provider may flag it as spam (because it sees so many identical emails from different people).

Yes, I have them and have several that are as-is. Do as I say, not as I do.

There are two ways to re-write them.

One is to go through the email and re-word certain paragraphs to fit your style.

I’ve done this with several. Some of the paragraphs read okay to me and others… well, I just don’t talk like that, so I change them.

The best way to re-write them

The other way to re-write them, and the better way to re-write them, is to go through each email, jot down the main points, and then write your own email using those points.

This gives you your own email without you needing to create it completely from scratch.

This is what I intend to do with my pre-written emails someday.

But as I said, it’s a low priority for me at this point.

So how do you tell which of my emails are pre-written?

Does the email lack my usual wit and charm? (don’t laugh)

Does it sound like one long sales promotion without personality?

It’s (probably) pre-written.

If the email kinda sounds like it has some of my wit and charm (seriously, stop laughing) but kinda sounds like a sales promotion, then it could be one where I re-worded some of it.

And there you go, a quick and easy(?) guide.

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