Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnels Part 3 – My Experience


This is part 3 of a three-part article. If you haven’t read part one, you may click here: Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnels Part 1 – Introduction where I give a very basic explanation of what a DFY sales funnel is and how it works. Or part 2 Done For You Affiliate Marketing Funnels Part 2 – My Current Setup where I talk about how mine is currently set up.

As I mentioned in the last article, I have three DFY funnels that I currently promote. All three of them have an optional, paid service where they will set everything up for you as long as you’re using their recommended services.

Which funnels do I currently have?

Ambassador Program

I have John Thornhill’s Ambassador program which has two points of entry (and thus creates two different lists, but I’m only promoting one point of entry at this time).

There’s Trillion Dollar eLearning which is aimed at people who have more intermediate or advanced knowledge of affiliate marketing, and there’s the Clickbank Super Funnel which is aimed at people who are beginners in affiliate marketing.

Both start out differently, but both get you into the Ambassador’s Program (and include each other’s product so you’re not missing out on commissions).

Currently, it’s $497.00 and well worth the cost. There are two levels that determine how much your commissions are. It also comes with a year’s worth of emails.

It says you can be fully up and running in 27 minutes. That’s true, mostly. The actual work, if you’re comfortable with the tasks, can be done in around a half hour. But if you add in the time to watch the short videos that show you what you need to do, it will take you longer, but it can still be done in a hour or two.

It’s designed for you to watch a video, then go and do the step in the video, and then and only then, watch the next video.

What I like

What I like about it is that you get a year’s worth of emails, the support is extremely helpful, John Thornhill is a very experienced marketer who’s very trustworthy, and you get a share of the commissions on pretty much everything and you can increase the commissions if you join his higher level.

If there are updates or product changes, he gives those to you.

He also has extra training on how to drive traffic and all kinds of other good things.

What I don’t like

What I don’t like about it is that you really need to use his recommended autoresponder in order to simply import all the emails, completely set up automatically, and that particular autoresponder is one I personally wouldn’t have used.

He does though, give you the emails so you can use a different autoresponder, but instead of a couple of clicks to import them already set up, you have to copy and paste each individual email, insert your link, and set up each delay between emails.

And that’s very time-consuming. It’s not that difficult, skill-wise, but it is time-consuming.

It also doesn’t teach you how to write and utilize your list. It’s definitely more of a “set it up and just drive traffic” kind of deal.

And as with all prewritten emails, your list never really hears your “voice”, just his.

Lastly, you can’t just add people to the list from another source. They have to attend the webinar to become “hard-coded” with your affiliate information.

For most people, I’d recommend his  Clickbank Super Funnel

Super Funnel Hero

I also have George Wickens’ Super Funnel Hero which at the time of this writing is only seven dollars. You get a funnel and a few emails, and it builds your list and his. You do get commissions when he sells them things on his list also.

What I like

What I like about it is that it’s low cost, has training, including how to get traffic from Facebook for free, which is his primary preferred way, and of course how to buy solo ads, which is in the main training (John’s course also teaches you that but it’s in the optional training). It also includes a few pre-written emails. It also has you sign up for the OLSP (I’ll talk about that next), so you get some extra commissions that way, but you can get OLSP on your own too.

You get to keep the emails even if you don’t get an autoresponder of your own, so you don’t have to get an autoresponder until you make some sales. When you do get an autoresponder, you can import your list into it.

What I don’t like

What I don’t like about it is that it only includes a couple of weeks’ worth of emails, after that you’re on your own. You still get commissions when they buy from his list, but if you’re not promoting other products to them from your list then you’re not maximizing your list to the fullest.  And if you aren’t regularly emailing them from your list, then they forget who you are.

The training on what to do with them once they’re on your list is very lacking.

Overall, it’s a cheap way to get up and going, you can find out more here: Super Funnel Hero 


And lastly, I have Wayne Crowe’s OLSP which you can get started with completely free. You get a link. That’s all you need. You can do everything for free, though you get more commissions if you get the optional upgrades. It builds his list and builds your list also.

If you upgrade to the MegaFunnel, you get a sales funnel where you can get immediate commissions, but again, you can add that later.

What I like

Like the Super Funnel Hero, you don’t have to sign up with an autoresponder right away, you have access to the emails and can email your list (though just individually) through their dashboard. You can also import the list into your autoresponder later.

The upside is there’s a lot of training and there’s not a lot you have to set up on your own. You can go at whatever level you can afford until you make enough commissions to upgrade to get better commissions. They teach you how to get commissions from making FaceBook comments (if you upgrade) and how to get traffic from FaceBook for free and also how to do paid solo ads.

You also get commissions for life. As long as your prospects stay on Wayne’s list, anytime they buy anything, you will get the commissions, even if it’s years later.

What I don’t like

The downside is that at times it feels more like a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) system than an affiliate marketing system, but you get over it.

There’s also a constant push to upgrade, but again, you don’t have to pay for anything in order to start making commissions.

You also only get a handful of emails and after that, you’re on your own and there’s not a lot of training on what to do with your list once those emails end. As with Super Funnel Hero, if you don’t keep emailing your list, they will tend to forget who you are.

You can check it out for yourself here OLSP

In summary

There is no right or wrong answer here. You pick one and promote it. There’s nothing wrong with picking more than one, but as I pointed out in part two of this series, you cut down on your effectiveness and need to build much larger lists for the percentages to work in your favor. This is a numbers game and a long game. You might make commissions right away but it might also take months of you consistently driving traffic.

Some tips for success no matter what you choose

So in general:

1) Have patience. Ignore the stories about people starting off with big commissions. Yes, it can happen, but it doesn’t for most. This is a long game and it takes time to really build up momentum.

2) Go through all the training before you start sending traffic.

3) Consistency will get you there, do something every day, especially driving traffic.

4) Be realistic about what you can afford. Having all the upgrades and optional services can be nice and can really help you, but if you’re low on cash then you’re better off waiting on some of the upgrades. Getting traffic regularly is a better plan.

Yes, you will miss out on some commissions but it’s better to have consistent traffic than backing yourself into a corner financially.