Sweaty Shop is Back


What was that?

You read that correctly, Sweaty Shop is back.

Like a phoenix from the ashes.

The Phoenix

Although it amazes me that though lots and lots of people like using the analogy of the phoenix rising from the ashes, not very many people at all stop to reflex on how the phoenix came to rise from the ashes in the first place.

The phoenix had to be burnt down into ashes in the first place, but nobody likes thinking about that painful experience, and what rises from the ashes is the phoenix in a new body, the phoenix’s old body is still just a heap of ash.

Yes, it had to catch fire, burn up all the way completely, then and only then, could it rise from the ashes.

Moving on and a little history

What does this have to do with Sweaty Shop being back? Not a lot.

For those of you who don’t know, and I’m willing to wager that would be most of you, Sweaty Shop has actually been around in one form or another since the early 2000s, maybe earlier, I forget.

In the blogging world, it started out as Blog Like a Celebrity, then went to Starting a Blog, then to Sweaty Shop, then to an actual, registered business as a sole proprietor entity, then to Jeff Wood Consulting, then largely inactive (as far as the blog goes anyway) for over 10 years, and now, back to Sweaty Shop.

I gained and lost people with each switch.

When I went largely inactive, it was because my personal life fell apart and it kept me in a funk for a long long time. I’m not planning on sharing the details, but my whole life was thrown into turmoil.

While I was inactive online as far as anyone could tell, I actually continued on as Sweaty Shop, not as a blog, but by helping individuals with websites or doing subcontracting work for companies who build websites, and a little VA work.

Eventually I closed down completely for a couple years and took down the websites.

Up from the proverbial ashes…

So what happened that brought me back?

I had done a lot of healing and putting my world back together.

It took a long time and it didn’t just happen, I had to seek healing for what I knew needed to heal, and as I healed I became more aware of other things I needed healing or help in and as I sought to heal those, I discovered more, etc., etc.

And eventually I healed enough to know that I was ready to come back online again.

Going forward…

I don’t know how much or how often I’ll be doing actual blogging though.

At the moment, I’m still really busy getting the back end up and running plus I’m (re)learning drop shipping, but not by the guy doing all the ads that you’ve probably run across.

No, it’s by a guy who’s expertise I’ve used for years, but that’s for another blog post.

So what got me going again?

What happened that made me aware I was ready?

Personally, I blame Conversiobot.

The link to the blog post will work next week when that post gets published. 😉