I Blame ConversioBot



Have you ever run across those little automated chat boxes? You know, the ones that sit in a corner of a website that look like an agent is standing by, ready to assist you with whatever issue you’re having or to give you more information about a product or service?

Kind of like the one that’s currently on this website, over there on the lower right-hand corner (if you’re using a computer anyway) not really drawing attention to itself… but it’s a generic one, I haven’t gone through it and done any editing other than adding some affiliate links so you won’t suffer experience my sparkling personality.

What about them?

Those chatbots look like a live person but they really are a pre-programmed bot that knows how to respond to a selection of responses, or sometimes it’s a little more guided, asking you questions and it responds appropriately to your answers but it’s leading you down a predetermined path.

Here’s a demo of a chatbot showing you more about it https://jeffwoodonline.com/blog/chatbotdemo

Have you ever wondered how they do that? Or maybe where you could get your own? Perhaps you envision all the possibilities that you could do with one.

What does that have to do with blaming ConversioBot?

A couple of months ago I ran across a webinar about ConversioBot. As I said in the last post, Sweaty Shop is Back, whilst watching it was when I realized that I was ready to come back online. I could do it, and I wanted to do it.

So I joined.

Oh, is that all

Yes, that’s all. Sheesh. Everybody’s a critic these days.

Their training on how to implement the bots is really good, they have pre-made bots that you can use as a template, they show you how to edit chatbots, make them, and you can ask for them to build you one.

And most importantly, they do a pretty decent job of showing you how to drive traffic to your chatbot.

They also *host* the bots for you so you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t even have to have a website of your own, although you do need a domain name. You can put bots on your websites, and if you’re promoting a product, you can put the chatbox on the product’s website… kinda sorta…

Kinda Sorta?

It works, it’s legal, doing isn’t very difficult, and it’s not actually integrated onto the product’s website, but how it works is a little more technical than I want to get into.

And I don’t recommend it because you will not get as good of results of adding people to your email list than if you did it one of the other ways.

The main idea is to use the bots to collect emails to build your list of people because if you didn’t already know, for internet marketing, the money is in the list.

However, where their training lacks, is in what to do with the list and how to engage the list.

They are working on adding that training, but it’s also not the main focus of the business. The main focus of ConversioBot is providing and hosting chatbots for you.

In any case, I highly recommend it and if you’re even remotely interested, then I’d appreciate it if you use my affiliate link: http://jeffwoodonline.com/chatbot