The 2016 90 Day 30 Minute Jogging Challenge


Kind of a weird post title for an internet marketing blog, isn’t it?

So I turned a lemon into [potentially] lemonade. I’ve been working with a guy about lifestyle changes who said I had to start jogging 30 minutes a day for 90 days. After putting it off for a week, on the second day of jogging, I had an idea and went with it.

I shot 3 videos on my phone after my run, went to my long-neglected dieting & nutrition Facebook page and created my 2016 90 Day, 30 Minute Jogging Challenge complete with intro and 2 days of updates. Switched to my personal account and liked/shared them to my timeline.

Boom! Instant accountability, incentive, and potential affiliate sales! Even have a tee shirt idea for the end. If you want to check it out; go here: