Affiliate Marketing 101 – Introduction


(For those of you who prefer watching a video, there’s a link at the end of this post)

Ah, affiliate marketing, sometimes called digital marketing or freelance marketing or even internet marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the correct term as those other terms are broader in nature. Affiliate marketing can be a part of them, but they don’t have to have affiliate marketing.

For example, if you are selling your own product or service online, then you are doing internet marketing but you are not doing affiliate marketing.

Nothing new under the sun

If you’ve been looking into working online then what I’m going to be sharing with you over the next few articles will not be new.

Most people telling you how to do affiliate marketing will tell you all the same things that I am. One person may explain it more clearly for you or their personality may resonate with you more or whatever, but all the information is pretty much the same.

We all have our favorite tools and practices that we use, but really, the only thing that you need to be wary of is people showing you bad practices or even unethical or illegal practices.

For now, I’m going to set up the obvious and start getting into the nitty gritty next time.

Setting up the obvious

For this series, we are going to assume that there’s a product that sells for 20 dollars and there are people who want it.

As you know, the way people normally shop for a product goes something like this: A person goes to the company website or does a search, or sees an ad for it, then they see the product and buy it for 20 dollars.

The person gets the product, the company gets 20 dollars, and you, the affiliate marketer, get nothing.

So how do we as affiliate marketers make money?

I’ll go into that next time

For those of you who prefer watching a video, you can watch a short one here: