Sweaty Shop has moved… again


As you can tell by the different URL, I moved Sweaty Shop to here, jeffwoodonline.com.

As much as it pains me to move it… again…. it just keeps making sense.

Sweaty Shop, a play on “sweatshop” is the name of my business, however, it’s not terribly descriptive.

Jeff Wood Online is much better. It’s accurate enough to give an idea but general enough to apply to all my online endeavors. And it’s still easy to remember.

All the @sweatyshop.com emails still work and will continue to do so, for those on my email lists, I haven’t decided if I’ll change the “from” email to this domain. I probably will though.

It will take time to fix all the broken links, which involves mainly changing the domain from sweatyshop to jeffwoodonline.