WP ProfitBuilder


[UPDATE: I no longer use ProfitBuilder]

Yes, I do actually own a copy of WP ProfitBuilder

The fact is, I got tired of constantly searching for “just the right theme” for my client’s sites. For my sites I’m less picky (obviously), but on my client’s sites, I’m very picky, and though they do have the final word, I try to match a theme to their product and/or service.

A friend of mine showed me the features of WP ProfitBuilder and I thought “I have got to get this theme!” As of this writing it was well under $100.00 for the developer’s license, I don’t know if it still is at the time you’re reading this, but no matter what it’s cost is, it’s worth it.

I recently got this and I love it. It has both a theme and a plugin. So if you want to use the theme, you can; the plugin can be used with ANY theme, so you don’t have to change to the WP ProfitBuilder theme if you don’t want to.

This is my new “Go To” theme. I am using it on my main site and I am going to use it here on this site and I’m going to use it on my client’s sites. I’ve used a few “drag and drop” themes in the past, and some of my sites still have them. This is by far the easiest and most versatile theme/plugin I’ve ever used. They have a bunch of pre-done layouts you can use and customize if you want, or you can build them from scratch, which is what I usually do. And by “scratch” I mean I don’t use a template, it’s still “drag and drop” so it’s not a lot of work, it’s just what I prefer. You can use their templates or do your own thing, whichever works best for you.

I do use the theme now on my Sweaty Shop site, but I may just use the plugin here, I haven’t decided yet. If you are tired of constantly “customizing” and “tweaking” themes, writing custom CSS to overcome your themes limitations, then check out  today.