Tools for Moving a WordPress Blog


Editor’s Note: This post has  been updated, the updates are marked as such.

Boy what a royal pain.

Due to numerous performance issues I moved my How to Quit Porn Now blog from a free hosting platform that I did not have access to, to my own hosting platform at HostGator.

To be clear: I had full access to the blog, just not to the cpanel that hosted it. I didn’t like that either but it had come with the package.

I tried using wp Time Machine, but the zip file was corrupted.

So I used two tools to create backups and download them to my computer. One backed up the MySQL database and the other backed up everything else.

For the MySQL, I used wp-db-backup (WordPress Database Backup).

And for the rest of it, I used WordPress Backup from Blog Traffic Exchange.

The rest of the transfer was uploading the database through cpanel and uploading the rest using ftp.

I might do a tutorial on that.  It would have helped me, but I figured it out.

Update #1: I made two mistakes, one of which I am still working on.  The first mistake I made was in not waiting long enough for the nameservers to update so when I was double checking my blog, I was seeing the old host, not the new one.

The other mistake I made (because of the first mistake, but I should have known better anyway) was in not checking the mysql database I imported, it had not backed up correctly and if I had looked at the database in the new host, I would have seen that right away.

I will update again after I have the problem fixed.

– Jeffery