Affiliate Marketing 101 – Traffic and conversion


(For those of you who prefer watching a video, there’s a link at the end of this post)

As we learned, you get your unique link from the company whose product you want to promote, then you give people your link, they go to your squeeze page and enter their email address, then they get redirected to the offer.

If they buy, you make money.

Whether they buy or not, you have their email address and you send them related offers and if they buy, you make money, just by writing an email.

If you, as an affiliate marketer, master traffic and conversions, you will always be able to have an income.

Let’s look at these two things a little closer.

What is traffic?

Traffic is simply people. When people say they “drive traffic” what they mean is that they are sending people to an offer, hopefully through a squeeze page.

Not all traffic is good traffic.

Driving traffic usually costs money, and although there are a bunch of people teaching “free methods”, some of which work and some don’t, paid traffic is common, fast, and often more reliable.

There are many different ways of driving traffic but ads are common. There are Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube, etc., etc.

You don’t need to master all of them. Master one, then tackle another.

Driving traffic is a necessary skill.

What does conversion mean?

A conversion is when a person converts from a looker into a buyer.

Simple, right?

To master conversion, you need copywriting skills, knowledge of buyer patterns, and other skills. You also use those skills when writing emails.

It’s both complex and lucrative. Copywriters make a good living writing ads and sales letters.

If the offer you are promoting has a good conversion rate, then you should be borrowing elements of the offer to create your squeeze page.

Enter split testing or A/B testing

You take your squeeze page and create a variation of it, by changing just one thing. Then you run traffic against it and see which one does better.

For example, you would make a change to the headline and see if it works better than the old one.

The key is, to change only one thing and then test it.

If you change multiple things, then you don’t know which change made it better (or worse).

Finding a good converting offer is key, it means they’ve already spent the time, money, and effort to make the best converting offer. But you need those same skills in creating your squeeze page and emails.

As with traffic, focus on mastering one element, then move on to the next element.

Mastering traffic and conversion is the most important thing an affiliate marketer can do.

For those of you who prefer watching a video, you can watch a short one here: