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Do you ever get those emails, maybe they’re from marketers you trust, maybe they’re from marketers you don’t know very well, that start out by saying “My good friend…” and they go and tell you about whatever it is their “good friend” has for sale or doing such as a webinar?

Do you ever wonder if those people really are good friends or not?  I do.

Why am I asking you and what does that have to do with being a networking rockstar?

I’ve gotten email templates from marketers that I trusted, but didn’t know well enough to call a “good friend” and the email template said “My good friend…”. Well when I sent out that email, I changed that line. Now I’m not opposed to those things, but if they are not a good friend, I’m not going to call them a good friend. I may say a friend, an acquaintance, someone I trust, or whatever is appropriate.

When you hear me calling someone my “good friend” that’s because they really are my good friend.

So I’m going to tell you about Ely Delaney and his Networking course that he’s released on Udemy, which in case you don’t know, is a site that has a lot of training/teaching modules on a variety of topics ranging from math to website programming to networking to many other subjects.

 He’s my good friend, not my “good friend”

Ely and I met at a conference in Portland, Oregon a couple years ago and as we live relatively near each other, we meet a couple times a month for coffee. We talk shop (internet marketing and related subjects), talk about things in our lives, gone on hikes (well, our version of hikes, we’re both confirmed city boys), help each other out with things, etc.

Ely knows a lot about a lot of things, and one of those things he excels at is networking.

I’m not going to tell you a lot of his backstory, but he taught himself how to make websites back in the day when html was the only way to make them, and he taught himself how to use Photoshop and even ran his own website design company. Over time he knew he had at least two natural talents: design and networking.

Other people are often amazed at how many people he knows, and it’s all because of networking.

I’ve seen him in action, we’ve talked about networking, and I’ve been to a live event of his where he taught about networking. He even has techniques for extreme introverts such as my myself. He’s good at it, and he’s really good at something most of us are very… not good… at: following up with people.

Ely has recently taken his networking knowledge and created an entire course around networking. It’s several hours of content, but the great thing is, the longest video is less than 15 minutes long, which means you don’t have to sit through long videos. They’re short and easy to get through. I’m listing a portion of Ely’s networking outline below, obviously I had to cut out a bunch of stuff, the major topics cover:

  • Section 1 – Introduction
    • Lecture 4: Special Note For Introverts!
  • Section 2 – Module One – How To Get The Most From This Class
  • Section 3 – Module 2 – Where To Network
  • Section 4 – Module 3 – Planning BEFORE The Event
    • Lecture 18: 15 Minutes Could 10X Your Results…
    • Lecture 19: Pre-Planning Questions
    • Lecture 23: Planning Ahead Wins!
  • Section 5 – Show Time!
    • Lecture 24: Show Time! Making It Count At The Event
    • Lecture 28: Business Cards, To have Them Or Not?
    • Lecture 31: Event Checklist Recap
  • Section 6 – The Fortune IS In the Follow Up
    • Lecture 34: The Follow Up Formula
    • Lecture 39: We’ve Connected, Now What Do I Say?
    • Lecture 42: It’s Not About Today
    • Lecture 43: Follow Up Mastery
  • Section 7 – The Introvert’s Survival Guide
    • Lecture 45: If You Dread a Crowd, You’re In Good Company!
    • Lecture 46: It’s Ok To Have an Escape Plan…
    • Lecture 48: How To Become The Hero!
  • Section 8 – Looking For Places To Network? Create Your Own!
    • Lecture 51: Getting Started Hosting Events
    • Lecture 53: Making It The Best Event They’ve Ever Attended!
    • Lecture 54: What To Do AFTER The Event. (It’s Not What You May Be Thinking!)
  • Section 9 – Great Networkers Sharing Their Best Tips!

That’s a ton of content! It’s more content than was in his live event. The official name of his course is:

How to Become a Networking Rockstar:

How I Used Networking To Triple My Business In 6 Months Discover How To Grow Your Business Through The People You Meet. Connect, Grow & Succeed By Networking And Helping Others

Now that’s a mouthful, but the bottom line is: it’s a vital skill to have if you truly want to make it. Just because you can work from home in your pajamas doesn’t mean you can, or should, do it all yourself. Networking creates useful connections for both you and them.

Interested in buying it? His course sells at Udemy for $299.00.

Are you waiting for the sales pitch and “special offer”?

Good, you should. Have you ever wondered if when those people who say “I twisted so-and-so’s arm to give my readers a special discount” actually did that?

Well I didn’t. Nope, not at all.

I didn’t threaten, arm-twist, beg, plead, or any of those other things people claim to do. And maybe some of them do actually do that, I don’t know, but I personally wouldn’t want to do business with people like that. I’d consider a restraining order, if truth be told, but I digress….

In fact, I do honestly believe that $299.00 is a very fair price for the techniques you will learn from Ely.

I did however, talk to him about a discount. It went something like this:

I said, “Hey Ely, if you want to create an offer for me to give to my readers, I’ll write a blog post for you so you can get word out about your networking course to a few more people. Maybe something like 10% off”

Ask him. He’ll confirm it.

Well, he said he would. I did have to remind him once or twice, but he’s a busy guy, it slipped his mind just as sometimes things slip my mind. He did not, in fact, give my readers (that’s you) a 10% discount if you order through my link (a non-affiliate link, I might add). I did not expect him to give you the discount you get if you click through my link.

You can get his $299.00 How to Become a Networking Rockstar course for $29.00 AKA 90% off.

I was floored. And I appreciate the generosity. Definitely go and check it out, for that much of a discount for that great of content, you need to snatch it up.

Click this link: How to Become a Networking Rockstar

– Jeffery